Friday, February 19, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby does what Baby wants.

So working on IFAP3 has been extremely difficult while taking care of the baby.  At the moment I've stuck to doing some texture edits for both the models and the backgrounds, as well as setting up backgrounds so I can be good to go with them when I get to filming.

I sent out scripts about a month ago; so far only one actor has sent all his lines, and another sent about half.

In the meanwhile, here are some portraits that you will see in IFAP3.


Let me take a moment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEGS.  Her birthday isn't today, but it is soon.
Like Me, Baron, Pinkhair and Cranius, and everyone else at #machinima, she is turning 21 this year!   Mark the date so you can wish her a happy 21st birthday next year as well.

And for a second one, how about a cameo?