Thursday, November 13, 2008

Candy Corns and Crackhorses

I know I've been quiet a while. IFAP2 is currently on semi-hold until I receive the rest of my voice files, otherwise it would probably have been completed and released last month. But until then I decided to take a few days and throw into the Candy Corns and Crackheads contest.

I'm not usually much of a contest person anymore. The last contest I entered anything in was "He Will Redeem Us", and that was a year ago... but this one looked like a bit of fun and complete silliness.

The name of the short machinima is "The Munchies." If you are looking for a masterpiece of art, you will probably be disappointed. Okay, very disappointed. It was a three day project solely around the idea that if the horse machinima could win an award at a film festival and be nominated for others... anything with horses must be artistically inspired. So it's a lot of injoke that I think anyone who has seen the horse machinima can understand.

Click here for "The Munchies" if embed isn't working.

In the meanwhile, if you want to see a machinima with some very nice editting, check out Legs' new Route 440. If you ask her, she will say this is her worst machinima to date - it has no plot or reason, but the editting is stunning and enjoyable.

Also, there were the winners of the WCM Halloween contest. The winner, "The Orchard" was shot well, even though the ending for me needed nothing more than "I wonder how her apples are so good?!" to figure out. For me, the thing about this machinima that really made it stand out was Caruu's sound design. Sound design isn't something most people really take notice of, but when done this well, it adds so much to the movie. If you don't know by now, Caruu is a professional sound designer that often lends his voice and talents to machinima. He also loves the horse machinima. (Don't kill me, Caruu. *cower*)

In any case, enjoy or try to enjoy, "The Munchies." ;)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Jabbersquawky's Dream

Caruu did something very sweet for my husband and I, and wrote a song for our Sheebee who passed away at the end of August. It's a beautiful little piece of piano, give a listen and think about our little Sheebee sleeping peacefully.

It's called "Jabbersquawky's Dream."

Thank you, Caruu. It means a lot to us.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Screenshot, Scene III

You didn't used to push me away.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Character Audition

New character audition up on the VAA boards for IFAP:, if there are any voice actors who happen across this. =P

Also, all the actors from the first one have agreed to help with the second project, which I am completely thrilled by. There's some new blood as well, for a couple of characters seen but not heard before.

Now if only I didn't feel like a dump truck landed on my chest, I'd be rockin.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

11 scenes...

11 scenes...
last one 6 and was 15 minutes.
Kill meh now before I get started.

Was that a house centipede?
I hate those things.

Late night TiVo ftw, but everyone went to bed and xfire empty.
Ooh, Dark Angel reruns.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dragon*Con Film Festival Finalist

I was excited to learn this week that "In For A Penny: On All Eight" was one of the finalists at Dragon*Con's 2008 Film Festival. I didn't even find out until a couple days after the con was over!

First place was Surgee's beautiful, "The Demise." My "In For a Penny" and Sam Goldwater's "Monad" were the other two finalists against some great machinimas. :D It's the closest to winning anything for my work I've come. I've had other movies that were finalists for different contests, but the finalist pool was much larger than just three selections.

There were a lot of great submissions as well, just going through the submissions page you can watch some of the best machinima I've seen all year.

It was an honor to be selected with those two great machinimas, both of which I've really since I first saw them. Anyone go to Dragon*Con and see what the machinima screenings and panels were like? I'm curious to know.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pinkhair + pompoms = Winning Machinima

It's been a good couple months for Pinkhair! First Busted, a project he worked with Baron Soosdon on, took first place in the WCM contest, and today the announcement came that he'd won the Wegame contest with his silent film, "The Robber Baron of Warsong Gulch."

If you haven't seen this, go watch it, because it will make you smile guarenteed... and if you you don't mouth the words "DO WANT" when the train comes on the screen, then I don't know what to say. (Other than maybe you are a soulless human being who can't appreciate awesomeness and should be tied to the back of a polar bear and beaten with sticks in your nummies! Gonna stick with not knowing what to say.)

Grats Pinkhair!!

Take a look at the Weekly Wegame Review where the contest winners were annouced as well; I think they really liked Pink's entry. =P

Pink also included a thank you to Sheebee in his credits, which really touched me a lot.



I've had some actual creativity pop in my head for IFAP2 lately, and went back to working on it a bit. I'm still not sure if I'll do one of the side projects I've been thinking about before the next installment or not. We'll see. I did finish working on a cover song I did which will be included in the next part - so you guys are stuck hearing me sing again.

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's too quiet without the Jabbersquawky.

Today is not about Machinima. It is not about WoW. It is about Jabbersquawky.


About 5 years ago, after buying our own house, we made our way to a local SPCA. We decided to get two cats, and as we made our way into the shelter, my choice on cat was immediately clear... but that's a different story, not the story of the Jabbersquawky.

There were lots of other cats there; ages, sizes, colors, but my husband knew exactly what kind of cat he wanted. Whipping out a fishing for cats toy, he proceeded to dance back and forth across the hallway, a trail of cats in tow. Slowly, some became disinterested and one cat stood out. A small, 8lb tabby who knew the way to my husband's heart was through attention. Finding her cage and looking at her information, she was listed as a 5 yr old cat who was brought in with a number of other animals from someone who had abandoned them. Her name was Sheebee and when we decided to take her, the shelter workers were surprised, but happy. So many people bee-line for the kittens, that finding homes for older cats can be difficult.

Taking her to the vet the next week, we took her to the vet allied with that particular SPCA. The other cat we adopted, a 2 yr old tuxedo needed to be spayed, and Sheebee needed a checkup and her shots. Examining Sheebee, the vet found a few things... first, she wasn't 5 years old, but was at least 10, and second, she had a rare version of the corona virus known to mutate to FIP. This vet, credentials on the wall, tells us that our cat will die in a few months from FIP and should be put down now before she kills the other cat we adopted. We were heartbroken, and took her home to decide what to do.

Once home we started reading up on this disease on our own, and the difference between carrying the virus linked to FIP and the actual disease... we decided to get a second opinion. We took Sheebee to a cat only clinic, where the vet, after examining her, was shocked to hear this other vet told us to put her to sleep. Sheebee had no signs at all of FIP, she simply tested positive for the virus that can carry it. She was, though, hyperthyroid and needed medication every day and thyroid tests twice a year. Sheebee never developed FIP or anything related to it.

After the initial "she'll kill your other cat!" scare, things settled into to normal in Sheebee's new household (for it very much was Sheebee's household.) She wasn't nearly as athletic as she pretended to be at the shelter. We often thought she sized us up, and said "this is my ticket out of hell" and we got good laughs out of that.

The Tale of the Jabbersquawky

I remember one time early when I yelled at her to get off the couch, she curled her head back and cringed as if expecting to be hit. We knew how she had been treated for the first 10 years of her life, and she was never yelled at to get off the couch again. I remember the first time I ever called her a good girl. It must have been something she knew from her previous home, and rarely got praised with, because she lit up immediately and purred so loud.

When we started raiding in WoW, Sheebee became an unofficial mascot for us. I'd be chatting on vent and she'd start squawking into the mic; we called it blessing the raid. A year ago, I made a video of the squawking, when Sheebee interrupted me while testing my microphone.

Four years passed, and the Sheebee, while increasingly less active as she grew older, was still the same very prideful cat she had always been. You know those cats that are very much about hiding their flaws, and never seeming anything but perfect and refined, that was our Sheebee.

This past year, the Jabbersquawky slowly lost a lot of her squawk. Her normally loud voice often coming out silent even when she tried to make them. Her eyesight deteriorated as well as her hearing, and she struggled with both. She stopped cleaning anything but her front legs and face. Her arthritis in her front and back legs made her struggle to walk sometimes, but still the old Sheebee pushed on. All through that, she never lost that dignity that was her pride.

She lost a lot of weight, eventually ending about 4.5 lbs. She was at the vet about a month or so ago, and I think the vet knew. She said to give her anything she wanted to eat that she would enjoy and to make her as comfortable as possible.

Only two months ago, there was a mouse in my house. Sheebee was the only cat in the house who was a real cat. With her arthritic body she stalked that thing all day, before pridefully laying her catch at my feet.

And then came the past couple weeks. She wouldn't quite make it to the litterbox, then would stare at the stairs back up as if she were looking at a mountain. Her lack of hygiene started to take it's toll, resulting in two very unhappy baths, for the both of us. The second one, she laid still after for 10 minutes, unable to get herself up after panicking about the water. It took her all night to be able to walk again.

After that, we didn't bathe her again, opting for wet paper towels multiple times a day to keep her clean. The past two days when she lost complete control of her bowel movements, we confined her to our bathroom where we could easily clean the tile, and where she could have her box closer without having to struggle up and down the stairs.

This morning, when my husband got up for work, she would pop her head up and he would pet her while getting ready. He left around 730am. When I awoke around 1030, I saw her sleeping so peacefully and I tiptoed around her so as not to wake her up. An hour later I went to check on her, only to find her in the same position, and I only realized then she wasn't sleeping at all.

My Nora knew, the tuxedo cat we got at the same time we adopted Sheebee. She cried for a half hour at my bedroom door last night, before I let her in. She mewed alot, which isn't abnormal, then jumped down wanting to be let out again. Nora has never wanted to leave the bedroom when she gets the opportunity to sleep with us. She wanted to tell me that Sheebee was dying.

Our Sheebee was with us for 5 years. She was at least 15 years old, maybe more, and I like to think you had a happy 5 years, Poofers. This past week was so hard on you. I would give anything not to have seen that look you gave me that said, "I dont' understand, why are you doing this to me?" when we bathed you and had to confine you to the bathroom. I would have given a year of my life just to have been there petting you when you passed... and another one for you to have never lost her dignity these past couple weeks and to have left this life the way you always were. Strong, proud, and squawking.

I love you Jabbersquawky. I miss you.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Synergy Contest

Voting for the Synergy Contest at WCM went up pretty quietly. I didn't even notice the submissions were up until the contest page itself was linked to me.

You can view all of them and vote for your favorite. The contest gave us two scripts to choose from, pre-written screenplays to machinimate.

I didn't create one for this contest, but I did some voice acting for Pinkhair and BaronSoosdon's submission to the contest. Caruu did the sound design and some of the male voices. I really enjoy doing voice work, I can be part of machinima even when I'm not making my own. I did the voices for the female undead and the gnome girl - it wasn't a lot of stuff but it was fun to do. Very different voices than I'm used to doing. Also, making noises of a gnome and tauren making out might be one of the strangest things I've ever been asked to do.


I know, not a most inspired post, but I'm in pain from too much sun and walking, so I'm retreating to my cave to hibernate. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

What ever happened to Doogie Howser?

So, Joss Whedon made this little random thingy, during that thingy, where the thingy people weren't doing their thingy and now they are streaming the thingy from July 15thru the 20th before pulling the website down.

I thought it was really going to be hokey when I first was linked this, but I loved it. Everything Joss Whedon does, no matter how off-the-boat it is, comes out as something special.

So catch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog while you can.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Lost in Noir

While I've done my own fanart in the past based on other machinimator's work, seeing Noire's Deviant Art page was definitely a first for me. It's the first time I've ever seen fanart based/inspired/using (check one) any of my movies, and I must say I feel extremely honored and speechless. I don't know you, Noire, but thank you for making my day!

Some even included images or or lyrics from the IFAP series; I absolutely love all of them.

Hmm, that's not doing the thoughts in my head justice... how about "Oh my god, that is so fucking cool." *does the stupidest happy dance in existance and makes a fool out of myself in excitement*

On the IFAP note, the script for Part 2 is progressing slowly, BUT I -will- be covering a song for this one, and in fact, that's what I've been working on this week. So I'm working on it!

<3 Sels

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Turning Blood Elves Straight Since 2008

It's been a great week this week, and I've been so very excited. I'm very glad now I didn't can this project when I was doubting it.

-Warcraftmovies featured my movie for two days straight! 30k views which is huge for me, and so far it's been really well recieved! added a banner to their frontpage with my video in it too!
-WoWInsider featured it on Moviewatch! I was almost waiting for TotalBiscuit to make his triumphant return to panning all the movies posted there with mine, but alas.
-Wegame Weekly Reviews with Oxhorn and Gornt featured it as well... and if you missed this one be sure to watch until the end where the bloopers are. They spent some time calling it "In For A Porno" which is just priceless. I've made them a gift as well.

I'm so very excited and thankful to all the people who've watched and help promote this machinima, it really means a lot to me so Thank You!


I think the most entertaining feedback I've gotten is the number of people confused that somehow I managed to make Blood Elves seem masculine and sexy to them. SEE WHAT I'VE ALWAYS KNOWN?! XD I think a big factor in this was Teacher_Nine of VAA's voicing of Thayle - he and all the voice actors did an amazing job. Therefore I unveil my latest slogan, "Turning Blood Elves Straight Since 2008."

I'm actually really encouraged to start work on the next script now, although first I have a few voice acting parts for machinimas to work on! I don't have the greatest voice acting abilities, but I love to help out and I love being apart of other Machinimist's works... it really adds to the feeling of community for me, which is the most important thing to me in making these machinimas.

Love always, with humble thanks for everything,

Also, for all those who keep asking for the song she sings while on the piano, all music is listed in the credits. That piece in particular is by Tori Amos and is called 'Mother Revolution'. On the Warcraftmovies page, I added an amazon link where you can go to purchase this song from the artist.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In For A Penny: Part 1 "On All Eight"


Guess what, I made the "spring deadline!" I hope you enjoy it.

Until it's up on WCM, the link in the "High Quality Download and Streams" section will take you directly to download. Consider it an "early look" to the people who actually read this blog... you silly people, I thank you.

(It's in MP4 encode, so you'll need something that can read it - VLC, MPC, or if you must, the devil (QT).)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Waitin' waitin' waitin'

I've finished Machinimating 4/5 scenes for In For A Penny: On All Eight. The sound is mostly done for those scenes as well. Right now, I'm waiting on pretty much two things; voice files from my main actor (I gave him two weeks, which is this Friday, so here's hoping for them!) and the background music for the song I'm going to cover. That is supposed to be ready on June 5th - hopefully that will be ready on time too. If that doesn't come through, I may have to just use the original song, but I would prefer to do the cover version.


So if I'm able to get what I'm missing, I'm hoping for Mid-June for release.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Blood Elf Men

I often get comments asking why I have a strange love of Blood Elf men. I finally have a definitive answer that I think will explain it all.

I blame 1986.

I seriously think Blizzard missed out and chose the wrong blood elf dance animation. Does it also amuse you to know that I married a red head? More as this revelation unfolds!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Only a little sexin'

I finished Scene three this morning. It clocks in at about 4 minutes alone, doesn't have the sound work done, but it has the images done, which is progress.

I liked how the two sets blended for this one. I used the trees to tie them together.
Glimmy rocks out with his bad self.

Still looking for voice acting submissions! *cough*

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All Along the Watchtowers

So I've been trying to keep some up-to-date on what is going on with this movie, mostly for my own rambling (while rendering!) but also so I can point and say "I swear it's coming!"

I've been feeling it the past few days - that urge to actually push and create and get some work done. Currently, the footage I've done is over 5 minutes, and I've still got a bunch of work to do. I was hoping to not go over 10 minutes, but I've decided to let the pieces fall where they may, and if it's longer, then it's longer.

There's a lot of work to do even on the footage I've done, mostly concerning sound - voice actors (still looking for my lead! *cough*), music (I'm actually going to cover the songs that the singer on stage does; wtb pianist), and background sounds. My husband pampers me too much in some ways, apparently he ordered a new mic and sound box for me. One of the scenes I've done I'm having trouble feeling a bit, mostly because of sound. I'll see what I can do with it though.

I'm very happy though with how the lounge act is coming out. I spent a good amount of time creating the set, and it was worth the time investment.


I think a couple people who poke around this blog might recognize that woman walking down the stairs. I think she has more cameos in machinima than I can count. =O

What was the point of this blog? Um... it's 7:30am and I haven't slept yet! That's a good reason to post, right?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Olibith Tribute

Khandy released her second installment of "What Else Is On?" this week, a tribute to our favorite pervy gnome, Olibith. Originally, I was feeling crappy for a week and passed on the opportunity to do a short for it, then went "*bonk* what the hell where you thinking?"

My tribute for Olibith had to include fangirls, a gnome, and nudity... how else could you even start to make one?? I mean really! It's Olibith we are talking about here!


It has it's flaws, but considering I threw it together in one evening, I think it came out alright. =) I'd also like to thank Justin Miller, who did the voice acting for the troll. The samples he's sent me for just about everything are pretty damn awesome.


In any case, I hope you enjoy mine and all the other machinimists who contributed. The last four clips are from myself, Silet, Legs and Mark Gilbert, respectively. Much love to Khandy for putting the whole project together.

And as for Olibith... love the gnome. Be one with the gnome... especially if you love hent- err... love machinima.

(Oh, and Matt for googling pictures of cameras for me. He demanded to be credited! Short Circuit porn for all! Wait, that's not it... oh and Matt. You. Voice files. Now. You shouldn't have told me Carol got you a new microphone.)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mmm Voice Actors.

I finally bit the bullet and posted up a request for my lead voice actor. I suppose it's not surprise that someone who plays WoW and spends most of my time on the internet is shy, but it never ceases to surprise me. I haven't had this many butterflies in a long time, and it's just from getting the courage to post looking for voice actors! It's silly, but hey, I prefer to keep my little experiments close to my chest and in my comfort zone. Oh noes, I'm being forced to socialize. ^^

I've been lucky so far; I have a few supportive friends willing to lend voices for short parts, and as I've found out, a guildie who I've known for a long time ended up being an amazing voice actor. I'm hoping to find someone who will work with me who believes in the project. So far I'm working on Scene 2 of 5 for Part One. I keep distracting myself with side projects... and Alpha Centauri.

And seriously, what is with this Burger King commercial with what I swear is the music from the first Final Fantasy game in it??


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Like Riding a Bicycle...

I'm rendering out the first scene of IFAP: Part 1 as I type this. Of course, the first part will be 4ish scenes, so that's a small victory I guess. I finally got back into the saddle on making this project, which feels really good. I got stuck in the habit of logging into WoW and doing dailies on a million toons all day and really got pretty little accomplished machinima-wise.

But now I'm back, from outer space...

If you haven't checked it out, catch the Prologue to Khandy's "The Order". I can't wait to see more of it!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kitten with String

A couple weeks ago I asked a friend from a very long time ago if he would be interested in helping me with the script for "In For A Penny." We went over the first five I'd done then he wanted some alone time with it. Seventeen pages later, he's gone a little crazy with it. That makes for a rather long work, and may force IFAP to become episodic instead of a short piece.

Length isn't the most daunting thing though... it's Voice Acting. I didn't originally envision this with that many characters, simply because I have no one I know that is a Voice Actor per se, but I'm currently looking at at least 13 parts - small ones mostly, but still needing people willing to help. I put out the call to friends, and received a moderate amount of interest, and everyone that responded was sent test lines so I could see how their mic and voice sounded while reading lines...

Three weeks later I have four, yes four, people that have sent me back just the couple test lines. I feel in an awkward position. Somehow this little project I wanted to create just to create and share has expanded to something I cannot accomplish without finding people I don't know to aid me, and it puts me in a position I wasn't expecting. I can't imagine asking a stranger to read lines for me, for a project that is simply a monetarily free project created in the spirit of, well, creating. So really, I don't know what to do... I really think this project could swim or sink based simply on who I find for the lead parts, and I've really started to wonder what I've gotten myself into... and whether it's worth continuing.

Maybe I should have all the voices chat like Charlie Brown's mom and just use dialogue... in fact, I think Hollywood should do a remake of Casablanca just like that. We can call it... CasaWawa.

Compounding this is the idea that Machinima always seemed to me as a great refuge of the amateur is becoming a competition of special effects and cinematic programs, where Machinimators are looking to move into Hollywood-level production. It seems Machinima is being looked at as a vehicle to success; I've noticed an increase in Machinima related hosting sites recently, many being created and launched with some new movie in the hope to jetison their site to success. It makes me wonder if expectations for films to be professional grade will kill Machinima for 'kittens with string' like myself. I certainly hope not.

<3 A Kitten with String

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Last Fire Will Rise

(Larger image)

The above image was inspired by a machinima I saw today on WCM. If you haven't seen it, check out Black Angel. Like many good machinima these days, it's in danger of being bumped off the page by the plethora of PvP movie spam. If you enjoy it, please give it and other machinima a spotlight vote when you check it out. Nothing vexes me more than seeing good stuff disappear with 300 views because someone had to show how awesome their Warrior/Druid 2v2 1600 arena skills are.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thayle Wallpaper

So it's not that catchy of a post title, but as requested by atomicspacekitty, here is a wallpaper available of Thayle, who has appeared in one version or another in two of my films so far. I hope you enjoy! I'm always open for requests. Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in my work.


Download at 1280x1024 resolution available here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yes, I like blood elves.

Defining productivity: I can usually never be sure if I've been productive or not. This week has been one of those where I haven't done a damn thing. I've ground 50k honor on a level 66 toon... but not much of anything else WoW or Machinima-wise. I'm in a slump creatively: I know exactly what I want to do, but I cannot bring myself to, so instead of creating something I will hate, I've put my efforts into things less productive machinima-wise and more productive game-wise. Hopefully, I'll totally burn myself out on the game so I can get back to more important things!

Go figure.

I did, though, enjoy pretending Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 was CS3. Pretending being the key word there. I enjoy making pictures of peoples characters for friends. This one is Illfey and my pally, doing what they do best (aside from dancing on mailboxes.) I call it "Motivation To Honor Grind."


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spring and Easter Eggs, thy deceptive arts.

I've been really excited about the response to my video, "In For A Penny: Prologue." I thought like the others, most people would go 'wtf is this?' and move on, but they didn't! There's been some confusion, I think, regarding exactly what this movie was, but that's okay.

Myth: "IFAP:P is a trailer for some almost complete movie!"
Dear Blizzard if only that were the case. I made "IFAP:P" with the idea that it would be part one of the series... telling the backstory for the full Film Noir when it's ready. As for the complete movie part, at one point, I had two minutes of footage in Adobe Premiere; then I switched to Sony Vegas, and spent half a year learning not to suck at it. While I still have some of the pieces of it from Premiere, it wasn't rendered in a good quality. I will not be using any of that footage, and will be starting over. I was excited I'd completed part one, and many people were expecting me to already be done with part two! ^^

Myth: "But the poster says 'Spring' so it will be ready in a month or two!'"
When I started "IFAP:P" I worked on it for a couple weeks last summer. Then I got completely distracted by other things in (that scary ass thing) 'the real life', got a new video program, started work on the Film Noir instead, then stopped all together and made 'He Will Redeem Us.' So when I put 'Spring' it was literally a year from when I first started the project. When I picked it back up in December, I figured that since it didn't say Spring 2008, there wasn't a need to redo the entire scene. (The part where Thayle walks out of the poster was already completed at this point.) I used 'Spring' for a couple other reasons symbolically, with it playing off the bringing forth of new life, and a counterpoint to the name 'Penelope.' I'll let you figure that one out.

Myth: "Cake is better than pie."
The cake is a lie!

So, after my family's vacation is over, I'll be working on a side project, which will be a music video. It will be my answer to why everyone always asks why my stuff is so dark and sad, why I use Blood Elves so much, and it will also be pretty pervy. You like pervy, right? The music will be a custom parody. I'll keep this up-to-date with pictures from the music video as it comes along. I'm going to challenge myself on creation with this one - I have an idea of something I want to do, but it will be damn hard to accomplish. We will see!

So thank you to everyone who watched my movie, the support for it has me excited to keep going! Also, how many Easter Eggs did everyone find, I've been kind of curious to know if anyone noticed. ^^

Monday, January 21, 2008

I did the Night Elf cheer this morning.

My cats must have thought I was crazy, but yes, I did that silly ass cheer when I woke up this morning. I got my first recommend at WCM, and I yelled so loud it got my husband up out of bed. Where's my champaigne!



Sunday, January 20, 2008's WoW Idol Contest

A while back Rob (who performed the violin on 'He Will Redeem Us' linked me to the WoWRadio site and suggested for a laugh that we submit the song there for their WoW Idol contest. What the hell, why not? Well, apparently we made the finalists. There are some really entertaining songs up there from some talented people. Give a listen and vote for your favorite.

You can listen to all the songs here and when you are done, head to their frontpage and vote for your favorite in the drop down box on the right (in the ON AIR section.) Of course I'd love it if some voted for me, but I'm all about voting how you feel, so pick your fav and enjoy some fun warcraft music!

Over Blogging Attacks Azeroth.

I swear I'll avoid this many in the future, but, "In For A Penny: Prologue" is up and available. =) Quicktime and Divx were having good days, and didn't take out their aggressions on me tonight!

As always, if there is a particular scene in this movie or others that someone would like a screenshot of in Hi-Res, just let me know. Thanks for watching. =)


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Impatient Sels is Impatient.

Patience has never been one of my virtues. So after a couple all nighters, I've actually finished IFAP:Prologue. I'm now just waiting on an e-mail of all things. So, while waiting, I threw together some screenshots and images from the film. If you are interested in some downloadable High Res shots, you can download here.



I'd like to start releasing the film in the next couple days. Once it's out, if someone reading this blog has a particular scene that they enjoy, and would like a HiRes image of that scene, I'm happy to provide custom screenshots.

For the record, Tauren would not look good as the primary characters in the movie.

I totally have this nagging feeling that as soon as I release it, a great machinimator like BaronSoosdon or Olibith will put out something the same day, and no one will see my video on WCM again. Is that paranoia or cynicism? I really can't tell. The release of "He Will Redeem Us" fell off the front page in less than a day in a half, with under 400 views. While it's never a good feeling to have people hate your work, it's much more frustrating for no one to get the chance to see you work. If it wasn't for a few sites; Moo_Money's WoWInsider Blog, Wow.incgamers, and Wegame, who all featured my work, no one would have ever seen it. So paranoia or cynicism? Probably a little of both.

<3 /sels off

Friday, January 18, 2008

Late Nights

I'm looking forward to finishing the "In For A Penny: Prologue." I'm done with the preliminary footage, still have plenty of editting to do, as well as credits and all the tumbleweed nights that go with it. I'm hoping to have it ready for release by the end of next week... we will see.


Like my other vids, this one is set to music (although I did not create the music in it like in "He Will Redeem Us.") The Prologue is meant to introduce the main film noir, which I have to start from scratch again after switching editting programs. That one will come eventually... but not for a while. I'm thinking of making a silly music video after IFAP: Prologue is done, since all my work so far has been pretty heavy and dark. I hope that others will appreciate "IFAP: Prologue" for what it is, art with a story. I don't fit well into most of the WoW genres out there, and my stuff isn't really flashy, but it's my style... for good or worse.

<3 /sels off

Saturday, January 12, 2008


["Machinimasochism": 1) The Art of making machinima and submitting it to be critiqued, ripped apart and misunderstood by probably 80% of the people that watch it, but yet you keep coming back to make more. 2) The laboring tediously in front of any editing program which is actively fighting you back while making machinima.] Can I coin that? Can that be my Steven Colbert-esk word of the year? Probably not, but it sums up what most people that make art on the internet experience, I think.

I've spent the last few hours trying to get Quicktime Pro and myself to skip merrily through the apple fields together. Unfortunately, most of my formats seem to be allergic to Apples. Alas.

My teaser is up for "In For A Penny," my film noir that Matt so gloriously pointed out the acronym for was "IFAP." So, in the spirit of "IFAP," you can view the Teaser for the Prologue by clicking here. Yes, right here. These buttons. Yep. These. Will the entire movie be Blood Elf "Romance." Sadly, no, although since very few people click links on WCM that aren't recommended, perhaps I should have called it "HOLY SHIT PORNO" then it would get some exposure! Enjoy, and... yes, you are allowed to enjoy it like that.

/sels off

The Bandwagon, The Oxcart

You have died of Dysentary.

Okay, not really, but I figured it would be fun to move away from the flashy pretty wtf that is Myspace, and try an actual blog page with 50% less glitter and nipple tassles. You missed those? Sorry, maybe they will go back up later.

Welcome to my Blog site, where I'll post updates on movies, teasers, and well, whatever else people ask for within reason. Let me know what you'd like to see!