Sunday, September 28, 2008

Character Audition

New character audition up on the VAA boards for IFAP:, if there are any voice actors who happen across this. =P

Also, all the actors from the first one have agreed to help with the second project, which I am completely thrilled by. There's some new blood as well, for a couple of characters seen but not heard before.

Now if only I didn't feel like a dump truck landed on my chest, I'd be rockin.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

11 scenes...

11 scenes...
last one 6 and was 15 minutes.
Kill meh now before I get started.

Was that a house centipede?
I hate those things.

Late night TiVo ftw, but everyone went to bed and xfire empty.
Ooh, Dark Angel reruns.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dragon*Con Film Festival Finalist

I was excited to learn this week that "In For A Penny: On All Eight" was one of the finalists at Dragon*Con's 2008 Film Festival. I didn't even find out until a couple days after the con was over!

First place was Surgee's beautiful, "The Demise." My "In For a Penny" and Sam Goldwater's "Monad" were the other two finalists against some great machinimas. :D It's the closest to winning anything for my work I've come. I've had other movies that were finalists for different contests, but the finalist pool was much larger than just three selections.

There were a lot of great submissions as well, just going through the submissions page you can watch some of the best machinima I've seen all year.

It was an honor to be selected with those two great machinimas, both of which I've really since I first saw them. Anyone go to Dragon*Con and see what the machinima screenings and panels were like? I'm curious to know.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pinkhair + pompoms = Winning Machinima

It's been a good couple months for Pinkhair! First Busted, a project he worked with Baron Soosdon on, took first place in the WCM contest, and today the announcement came that he'd won the Wegame contest with his silent film, "The Robber Baron of Warsong Gulch."

If you haven't seen this, go watch it, because it will make you smile guarenteed... and if you you don't mouth the words "DO WANT" when the train comes on the screen, then I don't know what to say. (Other than maybe you are a soulless human being who can't appreciate awesomeness and should be tied to the back of a polar bear and beaten with sticks in your nummies! Gonna stick with not knowing what to say.)

Grats Pinkhair!!

Take a look at the Weekly Wegame Review where the contest winners were annouced as well; I think they really liked Pink's entry. =P

Pink also included a thank you to Sheebee in his credits, which really touched me a lot.



I've had some actual creativity pop in my head for IFAP2 lately, and went back to working on it a bit. I'm still not sure if I'll do one of the side projects I've been thinking about before the next installment or not. We'll see. I did finish working on a cover song I did which will be included in the next part - so you guys are stuck hearing me sing again.