Saturday, March 1, 2008

Last Fire Will Rise

(Larger image)

The above image was inspired by a machinima I saw today on WCM. If you haven't seen it, check out Black Angel. Like many good machinima these days, it's in danger of being bumped off the page by the plethora of PvP movie spam. If you enjoy it, please give it and other machinima a spotlight vote when you check it out. Nothing vexes me more than seeing good stuff disappear with 300 views because someone had to show how awesome their Warrior/Druid 2v2 1600 arena skills are.


Anonymous said...

Great recommendation, so many great movies go overlooked on that page. People are getting so good with machinima I'm jealous. :P Love the picture!

Anonymous said...

thank goodness there are people like you out there to notify the casual wcm goer about quality movies. And the image is in wallpaper format too! Who could ask for more? Thanks!