Thursday, November 13, 2008

Candy Corns and Crackhorses

I know I've been quiet a while. IFAP2 is currently on semi-hold until I receive the rest of my voice files, otherwise it would probably have been completed and released last month. But until then I decided to take a few days and throw into the Candy Corns and Crackheads contest.

I'm not usually much of a contest person anymore. The last contest I entered anything in was "He Will Redeem Us", and that was a year ago... but this one looked like a bit of fun and complete silliness.

The name of the short machinima is "The Munchies." If you are looking for a masterpiece of art, you will probably be disappointed. Okay, very disappointed. It was a three day project solely around the idea that if the horse machinima could win an award at a film festival and be nominated for others... anything with horses must be artistically inspired. So it's a lot of injoke that I think anyone who has seen the horse machinima can understand.

Click here for "The Munchies" if embed isn't working.

In the meanwhile, if you want to see a machinima with some very nice editting, check out Legs' new Route 440. If you ask her, she will say this is her worst machinima to date - it has no plot or reason, but the editting is stunning and enjoyable.

Also, there were the winners of the WCM Halloween contest. The winner, "The Orchard" was shot well, even though the ending for me needed nothing more than "I wonder how her apples are so good?!" to figure out. For me, the thing about this machinima that really made it stand out was Caruu's sound design. Sound design isn't something most people really take notice of, but when done this well, it adds so much to the movie. If you don't know by now, Caruu is a professional sound designer that often lends his voice and talents to machinima. He also loves the horse machinima. (Don't kill me, Caruu. *cower*)

In any case, enjoy or try to enjoy, "The Munchies." ;)

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