Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Voice Acting - MALE lead recasting for IFAP2

[Machinima] In For A Penny Series - MALE LEAD recast

Due to unavailability of the original actor in this series, the lead male role needs to be recast.

"In For A Penny" is a noir inspired series using multiple game engines. The first part "On All Eight" can be viewed here as a stream or other streaming and downloads are available here.

Part 1 was also one of three finalists in Dragon*Con's machinima portion of 2008, which got real screen time at the Con.

This machinima is a little bit film noir, a little bit 1940s black and white - so a little bit of silly humor, a dose of melodrama, and hopefully not too much camp (although a little can be expected!).

The piece may have some suggestive dialogue, but nothing graphic.
There may be light cursing involved, although nothing stronger than things such as “hell” or “damn.” Part 1 gives a pretty good tone of the project.

The part being recast is that of THAYLE. This is part two of the series. I plan for there to be two more parts, although I intend to send the next two scripts at the same time. They will not be until much later this year though, likely fall or winter.


A Medium to Light, smooth voice.
Age 20s- early 30s.
See Part 1 linked above for tone of the piece.

Thayle is the tramp of the film: The streetwise card shark, the joker, the guy everyone loves because even when they want to they find it hard to hate him. Some make the mistake of taking him for a fool, but that's exactly how he likes it.

1. (incredulous, yet bemused) Are you kidding , kitten?
2. (the word ‘clearly’ is meant to mock Thorne) Thinking to gamble on that? Besides, you want me around – I’m clearly the most fun you’ve had in years.
3. (grinning) Well gents, you can see that a beautiful woman wants my attention. I can’t help the effect I have on them. I’m afraid our meeting will have to wait a while.

Please send the above line samples to Please use “IFAP lines” “IFAP auditions” or something similar in the title to thwart the evil machinations of the spam filter.
Wav or mp3 preferred, but I can accommodate other file types.

Deadline for auditions: Apr 1
After casting, line deadline will be: Apr 15

I’m looking forward to hearing the auditions! Questions/Comments welcome.

UPDATE: Just a reminder, the deadline is in two days!

Also, I have responded to all auditions I've gotten that I have received them. If you sent (or send) me an audition, and did not receive a response letting you know I got it, please PM or otherwise contact me!

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