Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rocky Horror Glee Virgin Traumatization - Get it while its hot!

I had to share something absolutely hilarious from last night.    It's been about 10 years since I've been to a screening of RHPS, and a friend of mine had never even seen the movie, let alone a stage show, so we hunted around and found one in Philly.  We head in and the front two rows suddenly stuff with the most preppy lot I have ever seen at Rocky...  all were so excited, taking cell pics of each other, jumping up and proclaiming to the cast they'd never been there and it was then I realized:

These were squealing Glee kids.

Earlier this week, the Fox show Glee ran a Rocky Horror episode.  I saw it, it was cute, but it in no way prepared these kids for either the actual movie or a live showing.  So, we settled back and in absolute "glee" of our own, watched as these front two rows became increasingly traumatized and disturbed as rice, confetti, water, toast and foul language shouted by the audience flew their way.  The half naked cast and half naked audience scared them even more.  They were all so cute, all huddled together, mouthing "oh my god" at each other. 

That alone was worth the price of admission.  If you weren't planning on a Rocky fix, now is the time to go, before the Glee kiddies realize what they've gotten themselves into.

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Phong said...

HAHA I remember going to a rocky horror show 10 years ago too. The movie theater that hosted the saturday night performances had to shut it down because parents thought it was a cult. ololollol