Friday, January 18, 2008

Late Nights

I'm looking forward to finishing the "In For A Penny: Prologue." I'm done with the preliminary footage, still have plenty of editting to do, as well as credits and all the tumbleweed nights that go with it. I'm hoping to have it ready for release by the end of next week... we will see.


Like my other vids, this one is set to music (although I did not create the music in it like in "He Will Redeem Us.") The Prologue is meant to introduce the main film noir, which I have to start from scratch again after switching editting programs. That one will come eventually... but not for a while. I'm thinking of making a silly music video after IFAP: Prologue is done, since all my work so far has been pretty heavy and dark. I hope that others will appreciate "IFAP: Prologue" for what it is, art with a story. I don't fit well into most of the WoW genres out there, and my stuff isn't really flashy, but it's my style... for good or worse.

<3 /sels off


Anonymous said...

Its fantastic!

I was hoping to find out what music its set to? I've heard that kind of music before but I wasn't sure what genre it was.

Keep up the AWESOME work!

Selserene said...

Bel Canto - "Waking Will"