Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yes, I like blood elves.

Defining productivity: I can usually never be sure if I've been productive or not. This week has been one of those where I haven't done a damn thing. I've ground 50k honor on a level 66 toon... but not much of anything else WoW or Machinima-wise. I'm in a slump creatively: I know exactly what I want to do, but I cannot bring myself to, so instead of creating something I will hate, I've put my efforts into things less productive machinima-wise and more productive game-wise. Hopefully, I'll totally burn myself out on the game so I can get back to more important things!

Go figure.

I did, though, enjoy pretending Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 was CS3. Pretending being the key word there. I enjoy making pictures of peoples characters for friends. This one is Illfey and my pally, doing what they do best (aside from dancing on mailboxes.) I call it "Motivation To Honor Grind."



Raxerm: said...

Hello there, i saw your Machinimas and such and i think you do really good, but i wonder which programs you might use? Please leave a comment at
or send me a email on:
Thanks for your time, i hope we might be able to work together on a good machinima one day.. (I'm new at it, as you can see, all movies i got there suck :p..)

Selserene said...

I use Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Fraps, WoWModelviewer and WoWMapviewer.