Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In For A Penny: Part 1 "On All Eight"


Guess what, I made the "spring deadline!" I hope you enjoy it.

Until it's up on WCM, the link in the "High Quality Download and Streams" section will take you directly to download. Consider it an "early look" to the people who actually read this blog... you silly people, I thank you.

(It's in MP4 encode, so you'll need something that can read it - VLC, MPC, or if you must, the devil (QT).)


Mark Gilbert said...


Cosix said...

That was absolutely brilliant mate, definitely a good job with that. Only thing i'm wondering is.. who is Thorne? :P guesing he's the deputy but not too sure :[

Joshua said...

Wow, that was great. I'm a pretty big noir fan and I loved the setting and atmosphere of the movie. Really dug the slang and great song that Leda was signing. I was wondering if you either covered the song or just used the original?

Really excited to see the next installments.

Selserene said...

Thorne is the deputy, yes.

The song is the original. I'd actually planned to cover it, but the background music that I got for it was a little too late. I'll probably cover songs in future ones.

Korey said...

What is the name of that song? I am really not hip on the latest music, and I am craving to know who this singer and song is!


Anonymous said...

I love it! You've done such an amazing job, both on the technical side with the way it looks and the animations, and on the artistic side with the way the whole thing looks.

I read a post you made a little while back about finding voice actors. I'd be more than happy to do a little for you if you wanted it, I'm by far not a professional in any sense, but I'm willing!

This is a silly little video I threw together, but here's what I sound like.

Spooner said...

Amazing movie and finally (got my junk working) I'm featuring it on

Darkviper4k said...

What is the titel of the music. its very good Video an Music too waiting for the next

Selserene said...

All the music used is listed in the credits.

Tomas said...

Awesome, Selserene, I love it! I agree with what Joshua said; the setting and atmosphere is great.
Plus that I totally love your voice <3

Can't wait for more :)
Greetings from Holland. x

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant. Utterly brilliant.