Saturday, June 14, 2008

Turning Blood Elves Straight Since 2008

It's been a great week this week, and I've been so very excited. I'm very glad now I didn't can this project when I was doubting it.

-Warcraftmovies featured my movie for two days straight! 30k views which is huge for me, and so far it's been really well recieved! added a banner to their frontpage with my video in it too!
-WoWInsider featured it on Moviewatch! I was almost waiting for TotalBiscuit to make his triumphant return to panning all the movies posted there with mine, but alas.
-Wegame Weekly Reviews with Oxhorn and Gornt featured it as well... and if you missed this one be sure to watch until the end where the bloopers are. They spent some time calling it "In For A Porno" which is just priceless. I've made them a gift as well.

I'm so very excited and thankful to all the people who've watched and help promote this machinima, it really means a lot to me so Thank You!


I think the most entertaining feedback I've gotten is the number of people confused that somehow I managed to make Blood Elves seem masculine and sexy to them. SEE WHAT I'VE ALWAYS KNOWN?! XD I think a big factor in this was Teacher_Nine of VAA's voicing of Thayle - he and all the voice actors did an amazing job. Therefore I unveil my latest slogan, "Turning Blood Elves Straight Since 2008."

I'm actually really encouraged to start work on the next script now, although first I have a few voice acting parts for machinimas to work on! I don't have the greatest voice acting abilities, but I love to help out and I love being apart of other Machinimist's works... it really adds to the feeling of community for me, which is the most important thing to me in making these machinimas.

Love always, with humble thanks for everything,

Also, for all those who keep asking for the song she sings while on the piano, all music is listed in the credits. That piece in particular is by Tori Amos and is called 'Mother Revolution'. On the Warcraftmovies page, I added an amazon link where you can go to purchase this song from the artist.

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David said...

Absolutely awesome and amazing achievement! All animation acting aced action, allure & asexual appeal. Astounding accomplishment! A+

("b" post might be a little tougher.)