Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dragon*Con Film Festival Finalist

I was excited to learn this week that "In For A Penny: On All Eight" was one of the finalists at Dragon*Con's 2008 Film Festival. I didn't even find out until a couple days after the con was over!

First place was Surgee's beautiful, "The Demise." My "In For a Penny" and Sam Goldwater's "Monad" were the other two finalists against some great machinimas. :D It's the closest to winning anything for my work I've come. I've had other movies that were finalists for different contests, but the finalist pool was much larger than just three selections.

There were a lot of great submissions as well, just going through the submissions page you can watch some of the best machinima I've seen all year.

It was an honor to be selected with those two great machinimas, both of which I've really since I first saw them. Anyone go to Dragon*Con and see what the machinima screenings and panels were like? I'm curious to know.


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