Sunday, January 11, 2009

Can it be? updated it's frontpage with the next version of Model Viewer... can it be... is it real? Doth my eyes deceive me? WoW Model Viewer Release.

From initial messing with it, it is a bit buggy. It locked up more than a few times, and I got to see an awesome disco light show at one point when it bugged out as well. It seems usable, at least, if needing a little patience.

I'm still excited to see a new version. :D

Update 2: I've actually been using the older version now for non-wrath animations. There used to be 3-4 talk type animations (talk/exclamation/question/etc) which have all been removed in the newest version, giving me less range of movement for animating that. I hope it's something that can be returned to the program, but likely, Blizzard removed the data files which is why modelviewer doesn't see them. Very disappointing for machinimation. :(

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