Friday, May 23, 2008

Blood Elf Men

I often get comments asking why I have a strange love of Blood Elf men. I finally have a definitive answer that I think will explain it all.

I blame 1986.

I seriously think Blizzard missed out and chose the wrong blood elf dance animation. Does it also amuse you to know that I married a red head? More as this revelation unfolds!


Wello said...

How does that explain why you like blood elf men?

Anonymous said...

I understand this video. It's a perfect example. Look at the clothing. The time. The style. Men were outsiders for wearing long hair in years past. A lot of regulations didn't because it was 'woman hair'. Males more commonly wear loose clothing, tight clothing is more common in men. I however find it very sexy to see men in tight clothing. The hair isn't that much. Well that is my opinion anyway.