Thursday, May 1, 2008

Olibith Tribute

Khandy released her second installment of "What Else Is On?" this week, a tribute to our favorite pervy gnome, Olibith. Originally, I was feeling crappy for a week and passed on the opportunity to do a short for it, then went "*bonk* what the hell where you thinking?"

My tribute for Olibith had to include fangirls, a gnome, and nudity... how else could you even start to make one?? I mean really! It's Olibith we are talking about here!


It has it's flaws, but considering I threw it together in one evening, I think it came out alright. =) I'd also like to thank Justin Miller, who did the voice acting for the troll. The samples he's sent me for just about everything are pretty damn awesome.


In any case, I hope you enjoy mine and all the other machinimists who contributed. The last four clips are from myself, Silet, Legs and Mark Gilbert, respectively. Much love to Khandy for putting the whole project together.

And as for Olibith... love the gnome. Be one with the gnome... especially if you love hent- err... love machinima.

(Oh, and Matt for googling pictures of cameras for me. He demanded to be credited! Short Circuit porn for all! Wait, that's not it... oh and Matt. You. Voice files. Now. You shouldn't have told me Carol got you a new microphone.)


Olibith said...

Woahhh thanks a lot Sel!!!!!!!!
I just saw this !! Amazingly awsome and funny :DDD
I love The Art of Noise, I love John Hugues and I also love the Farelly's brother ! So there was no way you could pick a better music ^^ !!



Anonymous said...

I'm glad this movie (so far) as been well-received, you guys all did great, I couldn't have asked a more talented bunch of people for help! Well done, once again, to you all!

Hehe! And Olibith liked it too. Score!