Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In For A Penny: FAQ

Since I get mailed a bunch for questions on a couple things, I'll add this as a link on the side for answering them. Feel free to comment with questions and I'll answer for you.

Q: Why did it take so long between parts one and two?

A: I sent my scripts out in September 2008, but a couple voice actors had RL things to deal with. At the beginning of April, I recasted Thayle. IFAP Part 2 was released within a week.

Q: How long until Part 3?

A:  The scripts have been sent to the actors and I have created some of the sets that will be used. We have a new baby, and that will take up most of my time. Unfortunately, I had different project I had to cancel on which I was looking forward to participating in, but tiny demanding god comes first.

Currently I am waiting on three voice actors; once those actors send their lines, I will begin working on the project.  Until then, I am enjoying time with my daughter.

Q: Can I do voices for IFAP?

A: Thank you for the interest, but I will need no more actors for IFAP.

Q: I need that song Leda sings in Part 1! I NEED IT!

A: Tori Amos - Mother Revolution. Here's a link to the amazon page.

Q: Did you sing the song Leda sings??

A: No. See answer above. I sang in a different machinima though.

Q: What's X song in X scene? Where can I get these songs?

A: All the music used is listed in the credits. A link to the songs is available below. Please do not contact me asking for me to e-mail them to you; I will not send them. You can purchase them on amazon for less than a dollar per song, or download from Jamendo, depending on which one.

Informatik - Watching You Watching Me
Bel Canto - Waking Will

Part 1 - "On All Eight":
NIN - Ghosts I-IV
Tori Amos - Mother Revolution

Part 2 - 'The Thorne of Rose Street"
NIN - 05 Ghosts I
NIN - Lights in the Sky
Sion - After Hours
Tryad - Breathe
Maya Filipic - Prelude in C# minor
Amanyth - I was there
Roger Subirana - Silent Tears

Q: What programs do you use?

A: World of Warcraft: Shadow Council Server, Oblivion TES Editor, Sony Vegas 8.0, WoWModelViewer, WoWMapViewer, Fraps, Particle Illusion, Audacity, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Crazytalk

Q: Who did the voices in IFAP?

A: IFAP Cast List:
P2: Thayle : Cranius
P1: Thayle : Jonathon Lourdes, aka Teacher_Nine
Thorne : Glenn X. Govan, aka Caruu
Nora : Melissa D. Johnson, aka Mippa
Emerson : Melissa D. Johnson, aka Mippa
Glimmy : Frank Minnie
Leda : Selserene
Guard/Jailor : Justin Miller
Guard : Gunderic
P1: Guard : Nick Freeston
Higgs : Troy Fried
Rocks : Troy Fried
P2: Drach : Richard Searcey
P1: Drach : Justin Miller
Reporter 1 : Miranda Nelson, aka Mirielle
Reporter 2 : Andrew Ash
Reporter 3 : It's a secret to everybody! (Don't kill me.)

Thanks for watching!

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